Mansfield luxury home Los Angeles, California

Mansfield luxury home Los Angeles, California, USA, has been presented by Amit Apel Design. Luxurious Mansfield mansion is given in bright colors. This is not the first design of modern real estate in Los Angeles from Amit Apel Design studio. But that’s another story. Now, let`s find out more details about this mansion.

Mansfield luxury home Los Angeles was built in 2012 in one of quiet residential areas of Los Angeles. Because of the fact that of the window doesn’t represent any value the focus was given to the interior design and stylish unique interior.

Mansfield luxury home Los Angeles
Behind a high fence there is a leisure area with a small pool. Using of the combination of a large two-meter glass wall of a living room with the yard creates the effect of connecting the house with the street. In bad weather or when tthe temperature becomes lower the door closes. In the courtyard, as well as in the house, there is a strict style, simplicity and sense of lightness. This house is not suitable for great and noisy parties. Everything is done so that the visitors of this luxurious mansion would enjoy elegance and be able to relax.

The interior of this luxury home Los Angeles is designed from trifling details. These are the types of things that bring this strict design to life and make one feel not as in a sterile space.

Zoning of the house is created by selecting the elements of the interior. For example, a leather sofa is executed in grey style with a big insert the whole wall.

Many people believe that kitchens should not be done in snow-white colors, but this rule has been neglected in this Los Angeles Mansfield mansion and it has made a better result. Expensive kitchen appliances, unique stone tabletops, clever design and breakfast bar next to the hob create an unforgettable feeling during cooking. Naturally, kitchen has been equipped with high quality appliances.

The most special feature of the interior of this luxury home is a tree growing in the pot hanging there. Undoubtedly, this is a unique approach. It is unclear yet what will happen when a tree takes root and grows. After all, everyone knows the only force that cannot be stopped is – a force of nature.

Mansfield luxury home Los Angeles

Sleeping areas in the mansion are made in a classic style. Guest bedrooms are executed in a strict mature style and are not large.

The master bedroom has more space than in the guest bedrooms. Also, the master bedroom has a delightful panoramic view of the street and access to the balcony overlooking the courtyard. This is also a mystery if one could jump into the pool from the balcony 🙂

Mansfield luxury home Los Angeles

All bathrooms of the house are made in a high-tech style and equipped with modern facilities.

Mansfield luxury home Los Angeles

Here exists the same strict design that prevails in this luxury Los Angeles house.

Much to its credit Amit Apel Design has managed to design Mansfield luxury home in Los Angeles that joined the ranks of luxury homes in Los Angeles.

How beautiful Los Angeles luxury homes are!

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