Italian villa – residence in Italy

The new project from the design company Duilio Damilano is presented in Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy. This is an exclusive Italian villa – residence, created in high-tech style. Inimitable and stylish interiors, unique design approach with a wonderful Italian extravagance. The house has a great location, on a hill slope, and the view from the window will please everyone’s eyes. Well-thought details of the exterior, a wonderful composition -these all come together in a luxury house.

The general square of the residence is 355 square meters. As in any luxury house, this Italian villa has a large number of balconies, terraces and windows. It didn’t do without a pool, as well. On the ground floor there’s a place for receiving guests. Well-equipped and thought out kitchen. A large dining room for entertaining and a spacious living room. The charm and the character of this luxury home is underlined with the minimalistic interior with the superiority of white colour.

In the luxury house (Italian villa) there is an appropriate furniture. Only well-known brands, only expensive and quality materials with unique decor items that are carefully selected in order to emphasize on the originality and respectability of the house. White living room, floral red armchairs are like drops of blood in the middle of a snow-white beauty. The whole snow-whiteness of the house creates a sense of luxury and design balance.

So how can’t a luxury house do without flowers! But not natural flowers decorate and complement this luxurious Italian villa, but the still lives of flowers. The wall with a fireplace, wooden floors of the rare species of wood, coziness and unmatchable warmth – that’s what actually makes this house truly luxury home.

The presented Italian villa – residence turned out really elite and expensive, although we did not get to know its cost. However, the design in a pure hi-tech style, using mainly white gloss leads to a sense of a museum or a sterile clinical ward 🙂 Perhaps these are exceptionally our points of view, but it would be worth adding more homey little things that would be create cosiness. This applies both to the home’s interior and exterior.

It is worth paying attention to the great number of windows and glass doors that fill the house with light. However, this has both pros and cons. You do not want prying eyes to watch you, do you? Although perhaps the designers have solved this issue and used electronic shutters or windows with electronic dimming.

In any case all details and nuances easy to solve, the main thing is that the Italian villaresidence in Italy by Duilio Damilano turned out really gorgeous.

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